Platter Playlists

Month: October, 2014

Day 240: Bob Dylan – Oh, Sister

Another one of my favorite songs that was used beautifully in Transparent. listen

Day 239: Ted Lucas – It Is So Nice To Get Stoned

Not a lot of complexity to this one and nor should there have to be. A song whose melody and tone are perfectly representative of it’s subject. listen

Day 238: Loudon Wainwright III – Come A Long Way

Just a perfectly paced song from a musician whose words have dug deep his whole career. listen

Day 237: David Blue – The Grand Hotel

Here’s a little treat from one of Dylan’s contemporaries in the Greenwich Folk scene.  Originally released in a stripped down version in 1966, this song was revamped two years later and featured on These 23 Days in Semptember. listen

Day 236: Ralph McTell – First Song

After flipping past this record for years, I decided to pick it up for a buck this weekend. Sure enough, it’s got a couple of really strong folk songs on it. British folk/blues that’d interest fans of Bert Jansch and Nick Drake. listen

Someday I’ll Be A Farmer

Melanie – Someday I’ll Be A Farmer Paul & Linda McCartney – Ram On Screamin’ Jay Hawkins – Monkberry Moon Delight Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo – Rocky Raccoon Sir Douglas Quintet – I Don’t Want To Go Home Terry Allen – Cortez Sail Oscar Benton – Bensonhurst Blues John Cale – Cable Hogue Prelude […]

Day 235: Townes Van Zandt – Greensboro Woman

Close the week out with the Late Great. listen

Day 234: Tom Rush – Joshua Gone Barbados

The first few Tom Rush records are riddled with gems like this one. I thoroughly recommend them. listen

Day 233: Cliff Gober – A Poor Wayfaring Stranger

Insanely soulful rendition of a traditional classic. Thanks to the folks at Numero Group. listen

Day 232: Abner Jay – I’m Georgia Bound

Abner Jay makes me love blues and totally forget about boring repetitive blues lyrics and melodies. Maybe it is because he’s completely out of his mind and wildly original. This is the only reissue I’ve scooped up and I can’t wait to get more. listen

Day 231: Bob Lind – The Times They Are A Changin’

Like the saying goes: Another day; Another Dylan cover. Okay, that isn’t a saying… but it should be. This echoey, jingle-jangle cover is straight-up hypnotizing. listen

Day 230: Cat Stevens – Trouble

Father John Misty’s amazing cover of this song recently drove me to blow the dust off this one and take it for a spin. Not to mention it provides the soundtrack to one of the best film endings ever. listen  

Day 230: Moby Grape – 8:05

“I can’t go on without you… it’s useless to try.” Perfect song. listen

Day 229 : Joe Cocker – Just Like A Woman

As you can probably tell, I am a sucker for Dylan covers. I make a habit of supplying the best. listen

Day 228: Neil Young – Razor Love

I heard this amazing song on “Transparent” and had totally forgot I owned this record. Had to share it. listen

Day 227: Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Hey Little

It’s always a treat to highlight a Bonnie “Prince” Billy song. Particularly one I feel like a lot of people don’t know about. This came out on the Chijimi EP that came out with 2009’s Beware. What follows is a swooning story of a father’s love for his son, but the greatness in it’s sentimentality so […]

Day 226: My Morning Jacket – Old September Blues

A newish song compared to the other stuff I play but a song that I hold dear to my heart. And seeing as it is now October, it seems apropos. listen

Day 225: Michael Hurley – The Vt.-Ore. Floor

Here is an interesting question I posed to myself recently: “When did you start exclusively listening to music that couldn’t walk a mile within radius of a radio station in a million years?” And I think my answer is just when I woke up and when I started respecting the stories of songs. Hurley is […]

Day 224: Nick Drake – Rider On The Wheel

I am so grateful for the existence of the posthumous album that houses this and many more unreleased gems. listen

Day 223: Donovan – Ramblin’ Boy

Though it holds a strong resemblance to Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me Babe,” it was written the same year and I hold nothing against either. They are both equally heroes of mine and it’s a lot more fun not to judge. listen

Day 222: Lee Hazlewood – Won’t You Tell Your Dreams

Fantastic, haunting Hazlewood gem brought to you by this Light In The Attic covers reissue. listen Gold Leaves cover  

Day 221: Ian Matthews – Close The Door Lightly When You Go

Delightful Eric Anderson cover. The guitar sounded so much like Richard Thompson that I had to glance at the liner notes but unfortunately it wasn’t the Fairport reunion I was hoping for. listen

Day 220: Roger McGuinn – I’m So Restless

From one Byrds fan to another, I don’t recommend this record. It’s riddled with sax and cheesy synth but this opening track, from McGuinn’s 1973 solo debut, is a perfectly Byrdsian ballad that’s a great throwback to the old sound. listen

October ’14 :: Platter Cuts Mix :: We’ve Come A Long Way

Graham Nash – Hey You (Looking At The Moon) Roger McGuinn – I’m So Restless Ian Matthews – Close The Door Lightly When You Go Lee Hazlewood – Won’t You Tell Your Dreams Donovan – Ramblin’ Boy Nick Drake – Rider On The Wheel Michael Hurley – The Vt.-Ore. Floor Melanie – Steppin’ Joe Cocker […]

September ’14 Platter Cuts Mix Up Now On MixCloud

Big Star – September Gurls (rehearsal) Lonnie Mack – Florida Michael Nesmith – Harmony Constant Willie Nelson – Look What Thoughts Will Do Phosphorescent – Can I Sleep In Your Arms? James Talley – Give My Love To Marie Nora Guthrie – Home Before Dark Lee Hazelwood – House Safe For Tigers The Everly Brothers […]

Day 219: Graham Nash – Hey You (Looking At The Moon)

Don’t like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young? Me either, but this song is awesome. listen

October ’14 :: Soulful Shade of Blue

Brook Benton – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright Miriam Makeba – Oxgam Bob Lind – Fennario Tom Paxton – Last Thing On My Mind The Beach Boys – Little Bird Buffy Sainte-Marie – Soulful Shade Of Blue Matthews Southern Comfort – Tell Me Why Richard & Linda Thompson – Down Where The Drunkards Roll Tom […]