Platter Playlists

Month: September, 2017

Recent Songs #149 :: All Things Must Pass

Ralfi Pagan – I’d Have You Anytime Marion Williams – My Sweet Lord George Harrison & Friends – Wah-Wah(live) Nina Simone – Isn’t It A Pity The Ventures – What Is Life? Bob Dylan & George Harrison – If Not For You (rehearsal) Yim Yames – Behind That Locked Door Marianne Faithfull – Beware of […]

Recent Songs #148 :: Always Something There To Remind Me

Richard Wylie & His Band – Money, That’s What I Want I Mat 65 – Un Riparo Per Noi 馮寶寶 Fung Po Po – San Francisco Lou Johnson – There Is Always Something There To Remind Me Dengue Fever – Both Sides Now Savia Andina – Valicha Weird Herald – Just Yesterday George “Shadow” Morton […]

Recent Songs #147 :: Fairest of the Seasons

Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground – I’m Waiting For The Man (demo) Dewey Terry – Sweet As Spring Noel Harrison – Suzanne Nico – Fairest of the Seasons Mason – Don’t Ever Change Your Mind Bob Dylan – Tattle O’Day C.O.B. -Spirit of Love John Cale & The Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs […]

Recent Songs #146 :: About Her Eyes

Michael Hurley – Eyes, Eyes Jeff Cowell – Momma Neil Young – Home, Home On The Range David Wiffen – White Lines Link Wray – Fallin’ Rain Sid Selvidge- Danny Boy Kris Kristofferson – San Francisco Mable Joy Jerry Jeff Walker – About Her Eyes Daddy Whiskers – Goin’ Back To Shawano Chris Darrow – […]

Recent Songs #145 :: Gonna Get Along Without You Now

The Rocky Fellers – Two Guys From Trinidad Hoyt Axton – Thunderin’ and Lightnin’ John E. Sharpe & The Squires – I Am A Rock Les Milady’s – Sugartown Nilsson – Gotta Get Up
(demo) Tracey Dey – Gonna Get Along Without You Now Donna Lynn – I’d Much Rather Be With The Girls The Rolling […]