This is a blog devoted simply to archive what I listen to each week. It is vinyl only and consists of mixes of mostly 60’s rock, country and soul.

I started collecting records when I was 19. This was about the same time all of my friends were getting their first Ipods, a device advertised to hold far more music than you will ever need or listen to.

Meanwhile, I was spending my afternoons in an un-airconditioned office building behind a local flea market, neck deep in vinyl. Why do this you ask? Well, the owner and I had a little arrangement that involved record sorting and payment in wax. As an aspiring vinyl enthusiast, fascinated with the rich sound and seemingly endless amounts of history in each spin, how could I turn down such an offer? My work during summer of ’06 not only scored me complete catalogues of Neil Young, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen but also hundreds of other vinyl gems that solidified my status as a “collector.” Moves, bigger cities with record stores, purges, re-purchases and plenty of “Holy-Grail” digs have happened since. But nothing can take the place of those few months where I “worked” for my music. I sweat to acquire what most people click a button for. Am I saying this makes me better than someone listening to mp3’s? Of course not. What I am trying to make clear is that from the earliest stages of my musical development/collecting I’ve believed two things about music. Great music should not be acquired effortlessly and great music should always be shared.

The purpose of this blog is to post monthly mixes of songs that are very important to me, usually dodging the mainstream, and beautifully haunting gems and cover songs that have undoubtedly flown under your radar until now. I want to bring light to music you’ve never explored. Also, for the year 2014, I will be posting one song from my record collection each day along with a little snippet of information about the songs history, why it’s important to me, and why I think it should be important to you. In other words, I want this blog to be your hot warehouse full of records. It’ll take a little digging but I guarantee you will find something worth digging for.

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(I’d love to hear you’re feedback, recommendations and will always appreciate record donations. E-mail me for my mailing address.)