As a listener you are probably familiar with what I do with my blog and podcast. In 2011 I started putting together all-vinyl mixes of deep cuts and lost treasures, on a monthly basis, that was both a fun hobby and a great way to justify my vinyl addiction. Since then, I’ve turned it into a weekly podcast and steered the ship more towards digital finds and vinyl rips while still keeping it real by using some of my own records. I’m coming up on #100 of the Recent Songs mixes and feel like I can easily do 100 more. The things is it’s not as effortless as I wish it were. These mixes take hours to put together and publish and by supporting me you will help me to make this creative process a little more comfortable.

The show will remain free to download and stream but $1 per month or ANYTHING more or less will definitely make it easy for me to continue to create!

I want to thank everyone endlessly for their past, present and future support. It means the world to me.


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